Senate GOP asked Komo to suspend state gas taxes

By | May 21, 2021

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Republican Senate leaders wrote a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday, saying he had suspended New York’s gas tax following a ransom attack. The Colonial Pipeline from Texas to New Jersey supplies about 45 percent of the East Coast’s fuel supply between Texas and New York, carrying 100 million gallons of fuel per day.

Over the past week, the national average for regular gallons of gas has risen 6 cents to 2.96, according to the AAA.

Auto Club says that if this trend continues, it could reach the national average of $ 2.99, private gas has been available since November 2014.

Senate Minority Leader Rob Ort said the epidemic of Covid 19 has already hit our economy hard.

The price of gas plays an important role in our economy, and to help get our economy back on its feet, it’s very important to keep prices at the pump in check.

New York’s gas tax is the highest in the nation and We urge you to suspend the gas tax immediately. ” Earlier this week, Georgia Governor Brian Camp temporarily suspended the gas tax by administrative order.

New York currently has the seventh-highest gas tax in the country at 43.12 cents per gallon, according to the Tax Foundation.

The highest gas tax per gallon in California is 62.47 cents.

Policies at the federal level have pushed up prices on everything from food to household goods.

Now that foreign cyber terrorists have attacked our pipeline, gas prices are skyrocketing.

New Yorkers cannot afford the recent increase in costs as they seek to achieve that goal.

Until the crisis is over, Governor Komo will have to provide relief.

The Department of Environmental Protection and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, along with the governor’s office, said there were no reports of gas shortages in any part of the state at this time.

New York State is in direct contact with the federal government to find out the possible effects of the closure of the colonial pipeline.

State regulators and administrations in New York are currently keeping a close eye on distribution and prices in New York, and they have not seen any signs of supply challenges or price impact on New Yorkers as a result of the shutdown, nor have we seen any impact on New Yorkers.

Has seen an increase in prices. While a major supply line of the colonial pipeline has resumed service, New York continues to receive fuel from the sea and truck supplies.

The state will continue to work with its federal and state partners, as well as fuel distributors, to monitor the issue and protect all of New York’s supply chain.

The state Department of Transportation also issued “exemptions from service hours to meet federal exemptions, create greater flexibility for motor carriers and drivers and ensure fuel supply across the state.”

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